Probably like many people I’ve “better to have it” syndrome. So we start an infinite search oh the Ultimate Tool. Perhaps by chance, perhaps by fate, I finally found it. I do not need to complicate simple notes, which I just take for myself.

Jekyll on GitHub

Really nothing is simpler than this winning combination.

Evil side of blogging

Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby and to install it just type on your terminal:

$ [sudo] gem install jekyll

To create your first site just create a folder:

$ mkdir <folder>
$ cd <folder>

and fill it with:

$ touch _config.yml
$ touch index.html
$ mkdir _layouts
$ mkdir _posts

I watched many jekyll projects aroud the web and I decided to fork Zach for his cleaning without frippery; but I like too much orange to miss it… So I edited and filled my folder with some code and tried it with:

$ jekyll --server --auto

and magically (as Ruby user usually said) on localhost:4000 I found my empty blog.

Let deploy time begin

I just use GitHub to version my garage projects. Like every their work, pages is awesome with a very clean guide, so with some commit/push you now can

On the infinity and behind

Tomorrow I’ll try another guide to migrate my wordpress @ work and I promise I won’t speak about Ruby anymore. To googlefy this blog I need sitemap and analytics but for a while they can wait.

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20 March 2011